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Passionate baking, where cakes are created not made!
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Say Hello to Mandi...

I started baking because I wanted a hobby which didn't involve sitting down when I got home; so I bought a food mixer and made everyone I was close to a birthday cake during 2016 for practice!

I started out by baking a Frozen cake with Elsa on  top - not one of my better cakes but I was proud of it at the time all the same! (see if you can find it in our Cakes section)
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As time progressed my hobby soon became my passion and it is now my go to place where I am happiest and I love to create rather than just make a cake!

I love and enjoy every single part of the process, from discussing initial ideas, to designing, purchasing the ingredients, and indeed, baking and creating the cake itself nothing brings me more joy, and happiness than people inviting me to become a part of their celebration, and helping them create long lasting memories.